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Recognizing Users ‚Äč

Signing in is one of the most basic uses of a pass request. In this example, we'll demonstrate a pass request that allows an app to request some basic user info.

Let's define a request topic called org.passes.example.request-user-profile with the type:

// The profile info fields that can be requested
type ProfileInfoType = 'email' | '' | 'profile.picture';

// Array of requested profile info fields
type UserProfileRequest = ProfileInfoType[];
// Record from permission type to value
type UserProfileResult = Record<ProfileInfoType, string>;

const requestUserProfile = new RequestTopic<UserProfileRequest, UserProfileResult>({
  id: 'org.passes.example.request-user-profile',
  requestBodyCodec: Codecs.Json,
  resultBodyCodec: Codecs.Json,

const result = await requestUserProfile.sendRequest([

if (result.status === 'accepted') {
  const userProfileInfo = result.body;
Interactive Example
This demo requests basic user profile info.
Click "Send Request"
The Pass Request will appear here